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Photography project "Cries of War" 

„Cries of War“ is a project of photo artist and photojournalist Shendl Copitman (Hamburg, Germany, The main focus of her work is the creation of social and art projects. Her exhibitions and presentations were held in many European countries, as well as in Israel, Canada and Japan. Photos of her authorship were published in many major publications (DW, MDR, Thüringer Allgemeine, Jüdische Allgemeine, The Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, Forverts, the Tablet and many others).


The goal of the project is to show and tell the story of people from Ukraine whose lives have changed dramatically since the beginning of the Russian invasion, to give them the opportunity to tell their story so that their voice can be heard. To participate in the „Cries of War“ project, people will be involved who fell under shelling / bombing, occupation, to the front, etc.Within the framework of the project, audio interviews will be taken from the participants, as well as photo and video filming of the current life of these people.


Upon completion of filming, the project is planned to be demonstrated in the form of an interactive exhibition in various cities of Germany and around a world.

Daria Fomina. Flutist from Kharkov.
After the Russian invasion, she moved to Hamburg.


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