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Sheindl Copitman

Photographer and Author of the idea.


A seeker of Torah Images in modern people.

Photographer, VideoMaker. 

Shendy is originally from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, and is involved in the Jewish community life since her childhood. She participated in several projects and fell in love with photography after one year work with famous Jewish photographer Kitra Cahana. In 2012 she took the One Year Program at Paideia in Sweden and after she graduated Regional Photoschool.


A year ago, she came up with idea to create project. This photo project is about the Jewish communities’ shows Jewish society from the new perspective.

In her projects and exhibitions Sheindy shows community and its spirit through people, their faces, statements and predestination.

The participants of her project are community leaders, artists, professionals, musicians and among them are famous people.  

She had personal exhibitions in several countries around a Europe.

Mark Kovnatskiy

Violinist and Composer


Creating music for video-stories. 

Mark Kovnatskiy is a widely traveled and highly acclaimed violinist, composer and expert in Yiddish dances. Mark has performed and taught at many music festivals around the world from North America to Japan. In addition to his projects such as the “Hamburg Klezmer Band”, "Semer Ensemble", “Joel Rubin Ensemble”, "European World Music Ensemble", "Queen Esther Klezmer Trio" and "Fialke", Mark has performed as a guest musician with “Socalled” (CAN) “Aaron Alexander's Midrash Mish Mosh" (USA), "Painted Bird" (Germany), and "Forshpil" (LAT), among others. He teaches Yiddish music and dance internationally. Mark has worked with orchestras such as the “Augsburger Philharmoniker” (Germany, 2011), “Aurora Orchestra” (UK, 2011), “INSO Lviv” (Ukraine, 2014) and “Weimar Staatskapelle” (Germany, 2016). 2009-2016 Mark also was the artistic director of the international "Yiddish Festival Moscow" (Russia). In 2009 he worked as artistic director of the Hamburg "KlezmerFest". His own klezmer compositions are played by many different groups around the world.

Maria Sclearenco 



Creation of paintings of Torah Images. 

Maria Sclearenco is painter from Moldova. Graduated from art school Polyakov, then the College of Arts. A. Plamadeal.  From sixteen years old her creativity is dedicated  to Jewish themes. She was actively involved in Jewish life of Chisinau. She is official painter of Jewish Campus “KEDEM”. She is working as art director at the art gallery "Lafaet” She Participant of international exhibitions in Ukraine, Armenia. Works are in private collections in countries such as Armenia, Ukraine, Romania, France, Italy, Poland, Israel, Canada and so on.

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