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Shendy Copitman

Photographer, Photojournalist

Shendy is originally from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. She fell in love with photography after one year work with famous photographer Kitra Cahana. She graudeted form  Paideia in Sweden, Open University of Israel and after sh Photo-School in Moldova, Chisinau. After that she transformed her knowledge into a social and art projects. She created few projects and held exhibitions around a world. 


One of those is photo project "JewsAroundMe" about Jewish communities. In her exhibitions Sheindy shows community and its spirit through people, their faces, statements and predestination. The participants of her project are community leaders, artists, professionals, musicians and among them are famous people

Cheak it on JewsAroundMe and KLEZcommunity


The other project she started is TorahImages exhibition. 

Torah Images is a series of Art exhibitions that’s unites 3 Arts: photography, painting and music. Exhibition are interactive and has great educational influence. The project is a union of three artists: photographer Shendy Copitman, artist Maria Sclearenco and famous klezmer violinist Mark Kovnatskiy.

Cheak it on TorahImages


Beside projects she also is working as a reportage photographer. Her main filds are: Mucis Festivals, official events, family events and etc.


Her photos were published in Jerusalem Post, The times of Israel, Deutsche Welle, MDR and etc 

Check it on Press


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