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Photography project "Jews Around Me"


Jewish communities in Europe today are made up of a collection of diverse individuals – each one a single person, with a unique history and spirit. Jews Around Me is a travelling portrait photography and video project capturing the diverse faces of Jews in different countries and communities throughout the continent.


The exhibition is dynamic by nature, as it adds new portraits of Jewish community members from each city it visits.  The show exhibits portrait stills along with a video art compilation of the entire series. Artistic quotes from personal interviews with the subjects are interposed throughout, offering yet another personal dimension to the experience.


Those being photographed gain a new sense of their Jewish identity while the exhibit visitors see the beauty, diversity and accessibility of living Jewish communities in Europe. It has an aim of introducing Jewish communities to one another through these captivating portraits. The project also engages many from the local community as visitors of the exhibition and offers them an opportunity to become a representative of their Jewish community in the growing Global Photo Community exhibit of Jews Around Me.

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