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Di Goldene Argentine

О нас

What happens when Yiddish culture meets Tango Argentino?


A dance? A joke? More questions?


In their current program, the newly founded Hamburger explores

Artist collective exactly this subject. In front of the audience

Music, dance, painting and photography merge into one

Entire. And at the same time, visitors are taken on a boat trip from Hamburg to Buenos Aires.


Immigration that leaves painful wounds and precious inspirations.

Life paths that intersect and bear new fruit.

A feast for the soul and eyes full of Yiddish melodies, which weave together with Tango Argentino, photography and live painting to form a great whole.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-17 um 16_23_46.png.webp


​Yeva Lapsker - dance

Shendl Copitman - videos, fotos

Pavel Ehrlich - painting

Axel Burkhardt - double base

Stanislav Dinerman - accordion

Mark Kovnatskiy - violin, vocal

Some highlights form the show in Fischalle, Hamburg 09.11.2023


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